Why Happy Valley School

Are you worried about the current system of learning based on grades ?
Does your child understand the concepts while he /she is learning?
Are they able to interpret and connect the science, language and math concepts with ancient wisdom and current technology?

If you feel that your child needs the above abilities, then "The Happy Valley School" is the right learning abode for them .

We have started our admissions till grade 7 and would like to help slow learners and students who need individual attention as well.
Let us not assess the child with grades. Let assess their capabilities and skills for their better future.

Welcome to The Happy Valley School

The Happy Valley School is an innovative school conceptualized by joint efforts between Chirantana and N.R.Baldota foundation – a Philanthropic foundation focusing on education. Located just one kilometer from Uttarahalli, The Happy Valley School aspires to provide quality education at an affordable price to every child. There are no entrance tests. We focus on providing individual attention to every child to enhance the learning potential. We strongly believe in making an average child to an extraordinary student. We have a strong curriculum and passionate team to support our vision.

tablet based learning

Rapples is India’s first tablet based learning solution that comes pre-loaded with e-textbooks as chosen by the schools or teachers. Textbooks on the Rapples tablet are enriched with animations, videos, extra reference materials, and are loaded with features that takes teaching-learning experience to the next level.

passionate staff

Our teachers are passionate about their profession and specially trained to this new concept of teaching. The training is a continuous process with clear defined objectives and outcomes. We do not believe in smart boards. Our teachers will make our children Smarter.

Sports Partners

We aspire to provide students with a genuine interest and an inherent desire to be trained in variety of sports. If a talent is spotted, the Sports Club is engaged to guiding the young student towards achieving his or her potential. 

Affordable Education

Our fee structure is extremely competitive and affordable. We have a simple fee structure with no hidden or additional fees. Please visit us to learn about our fee structure and how you can get additional fee waivers.

Incubation centre

Incubation centre is a laboratory which motivates the child to understand the scientific concept and design his /her own model. Unlike other laboratories, the Incubation centre has working models for the child to feel, learn, understand, interpret and apply. The centre is designed to promote scientific and logical thinking in children. The purpose of the incubation centre is to enhance the creativity and thought process of the children and enable them to promote innovation.

The Happy Valley School offer a unique curriculum, where every topic taught will have detailed unit plan to address all the four learning components. Using the Unit Planning component, the teachers will be effective in their role to provide a holistic learning experience to the children. This will increase the depth of learning in every child. Every topic has concepts defined under four components (mentioned above) and every concept has well-defined activities. By completing the activities, the children are able to immediately apply the concept learned. This will ensure increased critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Our Curriculum is unique and helps in effective learning. We are working hard to extrapolate the confidence level of every child so that they enjoy the process of learning. We strongly believe in transforming a below-average child to perform well in academics by creating a positive learning experience. Mind maps will be extensively used for every concept for effective learning.


Mrs. Sandhya Bheemanna, Educationalist

We embrace the concept of learning in digital mode and create a personalized, positive educational experience to students by stretching their learning boundaries and not limiting their learning in the classrooms.

OUR VISION : ‘Gnyana Jyothi Chirantanam’

Welcome to THE HAPPY VALLEY SCHOOL where excellence in education is celebrated every day. We are a community of learners who excel not only in academics but also possess those life skills to connect with the world for meaningful relationship. We are very unique by not allowing the traditional hierarchy and authority to come in between learning and the individuals.

The dialogues here at THE HAPPY VALLEY SCHOOL are always open ended and open minded which promotes thinking. The learning at THVS is empowered with latest technology, well planned activities and sports while our souls are strongly grounded to our culture and ancient wisdom.

We welcome you again to be part of our learning community to build a better tomorrow and a better world.


Mr. Madan Baldota

M.N.Baldota is the Managing Trustee of N.R.Baldota Foundation – a family trust established in the name of his father. A family foundation established several decades ago in the name of Late. Sri. N.R.Baldota. The foundation focuses on educational services and multiple philanthropic activities including educational assistance to several thousand children. Late Sri. N.R.Baldota was a philanthropic visionary and a successful entrepreneur. Even though he did not have formal education, he was very passionate about it. Providing quality and affordable education was his ambition. Through The Happy Valley School, Madan Baldota son of Sri late N.R.Baldota is making his father’s vision a reality

Mr. Piyoosh Baldota
General Secretary

Piyoosh Baldota is the Managing Trustee and General Secretary. Piyoosh has a passion for the state-of-the-art technology and has an aptitude to work in a challenging 24x7 environment. Self-motivated and desirable to work in a team environment are key traits of Piyoosh. Excellent problem solving skills with ability to operate proactively and manage crisis situation. He is excellent communicator with high interpersonal skills.
Green Initiative – In Process of registering a group of Independent Power Producers (IPP) at UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)
Lead the initiative to set “Wind Turbine Generator Power Project�   ( Current capacity 3.3 MW) in Karnataka to gain maximum benefits of Income Tax and to establish a permanent source of Income.

Advisory Board

Prof. H.P. Khincha
Advisory Board

Prof. H.P. Khincha is the current Chairman of Karnataka State Innovation Council. He retired as the vice chancellor of Bangalore University in 2011. With over 42 years of teaching and research experience at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Prof. Khincha’s contribution to the science and engineering is monumental. Indian Institute of Science, University of Calgery, Canada, National University Singapore and EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland are some of the few educational organizations that Prof Khincha has active association with. With his unprecedented passion towards engineering and indomitable energy, Prof Khincha continues to contribute by associating with several reputed organizations within India and overseas. Some of his current roles include Chairman – Karnataka State Innovation Council, Member – State Planning Commission, Advisor – Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission, Member – National Mission, Hon Member – Harvard Alumni Angel’s club, Chairma – National Mission on Intelligent Transportation Systems etc. The complete resume is available here.

Dr. K. N. Balasubramanya Murthy
Advisory Board

Dr. K. N. Balasubramanya Murthy is currently the Vice-Chancellor of PES University and has served PES Institute of Technology (PESIT), Bangalore as the Principal & Director from 2005 to 2014. Prof. Murthy has over 30 years of experience in Teaching, Training, research, industry and Administration. He holds Bachelors in Electrical power Engineering from University of Mysore, Masters in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, Chennai. He was invited to New Mexico State University as a research specialist in Parallel Computing during the year 1998-99. He worked as a faculty in Electrical Engineering at Malnad College of Engineering from 1983-2000. He served as Founder Principal of East West Institute of Technology, Bangalore and has vast experience and expertise in heading a big team of professionals. Dr. Murthy has supervised 4 research scholars for Ph.D. degree and currently supervising 3 research scholars for doctoral degree. He received research grants from funding agencies such as ISRO and AICTE. He organized a unique training for KPC engineers for one year under re-tooling program during 1997-98. He was invited to serve as reviewer of research papers submitted to reputed conferences and journals. He has authored over 90 papers in reputed journals and conferences and coordinated several conferences as well as workshops. He has been recognized for his dynamic professional work and served as a member of Academic Senate and Executive Council of VTU. He was BOE Chairman/member of Electrical Engineering at University of Mysore and BOS member of VTU-Electrical Engineering. He has served as a member of several academic committees of VTU under chairmanship of Prof.B.S.Sonde, and Prof.V.K.Aaatre. He was a Board member of BITES under the chairmanship of Prof.R.Natarajan for a period of three years during 2008-11.

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi
Advisory Board

Dr. Gururaj, Chairman & Managing Director, and a doctoral degree holder in Chemistry from Karnataka University, has published over 22 research papers in International journals. He has served as a member of several prestigious Educational and Governmental committees. He is a life Fellow of the Electrochemical Society of India. He is on the boards of Management of a few Medical Universities. Dr. Karajagi also served as a member of the State Resource Group (SRG) for the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the colleges of Karnataka. Dr. Karajagi is a well-known columnist who writes for a popular daily and has completed more than 900 columns. His three books entitled “Karunaalu Baa Belake� are immensely popular and have seen several editions. Through the Academy for Creative Teaching, Dr. Karajagi is instrumental in building over 40 schools of very high quality all over the world. He is also a member of the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga.


Sandhya Bheemanna
Academic facilitator for Social Sciences and English.

Ramya Srinivas
Preschool Facilitator

Let us promote right kind of preschooling for laying the strong foundation of learning in the e child’s life.

Vanishri G Rao
Academic Facilitator for Kannada

Let us groom ourselves by learning different languages and build a platform for effective communication.

Academic Facilitator for Science

Lets observe, explore, experiment and innovate.

Vani Ramachandra
PRO and Administration

We work towards building a system which is more parent friendly, child friendly and the teacher friendly. We thrive to make the system work more efficiently.

Parimala H
Sanskrit Learning

Let us explore the richness and the intellect of our Indian Culture and heritage through learning in Sanskrit.

Indira S Rao
Accounts and Administration

Efficient governance and meticulous planning of financial system ensures an effective administration at THVS.

Srividya Allu
Visual Arts and Preschool expert

Lets ignite the fire of learning through friendship, fun and creativity.

Panini Deraje
Academic facilitator for English.

Veda B.R
Academic facilitator for Social Sciences and Hindi.

Asha M
Academic facilitator for Maths and Physics.

Shruti Mannur
Academic facilitator for Chemistry and Biology.

Shanthi M V Rao
Academic Facilitator for Science and Maths for Elementary School

Let us teach the child, the way that they like to learn not the way we would like to teach.

Learning @ THVS

The entire team of the Happy Valley School focuses on Learning. Teaching happens for effective Learning. The whole process of learning is built on a strong foundation of Learning Framework. Learning is measured by carefully designed learning outcomes for every concept. Learning is tracked and measured on a daily basis using the highly customized Learning Management System (LMS) and Curriculum Management System (CMS). The learning outcomes help the teacher to identify the gaps in learning so that a remediation can be planned to fix the gap. The continuous process of measuring the outcomes for every concept and development of remediation promotes effective skill development in every student. Teachers play an important role of mentor, guide and facilitator to ensure the learning is meaningful and effective.

AY 2017

List of Calendar activities through the Academic Year



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